Audits and Inspections

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Audits and Inspections

Independent auditors provide another important safeguard in the management of cooling water systems, by ensuring that the occupier and DQP have complied with the requirements of the RMP and Regulation. Occupiers must engage an independent auditor to audit compliance with the NSW Health NSW Guidelines for Legionella Control in Cooling Water Systems 11 RMP and Regulation within each 12 month audit period. The audit must be completed within two months after the end of the audit period. The independent auditor provides a certificate of audit completion to the occupier, who must submit this certificate to the local government authority within 7 days.

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Auditing Requirements

The auditor must be independent of:
• The occupier of the premises containing the cooling water system
• The person who undertook the risk assessment
• The DQP who installed the cooling water system
• The DQP who operates or maintains the coolingwater system, or who has done so in the previous 5 years
• The person who operates a laboratory that carried out any monthly testing of the cooling water system in the previous 5 years.

All auditors must be approved by NSW Health and, at a minimum, must successfully complete the NSW Health course on Legionella Control in Cooling Water Systems in order to be approved to carry out this role. There is no requirement for the occupier to engage the same independent auditor on a recurring basis. Section 7 provides further information on the roles and responsibilities of the independent auditor, including the criteria for approval to conduct audits of cooling water systems.

You can read more from the NSW government here:

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