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What is mechanical plumbing?

Mechanical plumbing is a type of plumbing work that focuses on servicing the mechanical part of air-conditioning, heating, and other ventilating systems. This type of work can be provided to all buildings with machine facilities such as escalators, elevators and medical gas equipment.

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What is mechanical plumbing scope of work?

What is mechanical plumbing scope of work?

With the definition of mechanical plumbing, you can already have a brief idea on its’ scope of work. But to give you a much clearer knowledge of the services that mechanical plumber offers, here’s a complete list of mechanical plumbing’s scope of work:

  • A mechanical plumber is a professional tradie that studies and interprets the plans, blueprints, engineering drawings and the specifications of the plumbing systems.
  • A mechanical plumber also designs the following: discharge pipes, water supply plumbing system, sanitary fixtures, and sanitary plumbing systems.
  • A mechanical plumber delivers all work that covers the fabrication, maintenance, modifications, installation, repair, replacement and testing of the following units or systems:
        • Space heaters
        • Solid fuel heaters
        • Soil and waste stacks
        • Sheet metal ductwork
        • Hydronic heating systems
        • Back-2-Back Split System Air Conditioner
        • Sewer pumping equipment and disposal systems
        • Evaporative coolers (including their associated flues)

    • Ducted heating units (including their related ductwork)
    • Mechanical Extraction Systems (including their related ductwork)
    • Mechanical Ventilation Systems (including their related ductwork)
    • Cold and hot water system units (including their associated equipment)
    • Below-ground drainage systems (including their related ground support systems)
    • Other than the system equipment or units, a mechanical plumber is also responsible for the installation of roof flashing. But only to the surrounding area of the installed system unit.

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