Cooling Tower Mechanical Services provides a complete repair and rebuild service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year.

In the case of repair, both normal and emergency services apply. Emergencies can be addressed quickly and efficiently because Cooling Tower Mechanical Services (CTMS)maintains a large inventory of parts, and flexibility in local manufacturing allows damaged components to be fabricated quickly.

Complete rebuild services are available for older towers which no longer measure up to current or projected requirements. With structurally sound towers, these can be "Energized" to provide the required capacity. A combination where adding new cells to match the external appearance of existing installation might also be feasible.

The replacement market is efficiently serviced by our delivery services. Genuine parts, or parts made to fit when the original manufacturer may have ceased trading can be made and shipped from our Brisbane factory.

Safety is the highest priority when we carry out any project. Fully trained and certified persons are used, thus ensuring quality work. We design, manufacture and install fully compliant access platforms and ladders, out of any material as requested. The serviceman is catered for.

For further details refer to the menu, or send us and email requesting catalogues or extracts from published technical brochures.