Programmed maintenance means that a scheduled shut down will need to be planned for all cooling equipment once every three months for approximately 4 hours and one every six months for 8 hours. This may vary depending on tower size and location.

This schedule has been designed to comply with the requirements of AS3666 Part 2 Operation and Maintenance. Only suitably trained personnel are authorised to carry out these works. This schedule does not cover the application of chemicals into the system for microbial control. A specialist water treatment company should be engaged to carry this out.

Monthly Startup Shutdown Semi-annually
Inspect General Condition and Operation X X    
Observe Operation of:        
Mechanical equipment-motor, fan etc X X    
Make-up valve X X    
Inspect and Clean as necessary:        
PVC Drift Eliminators X X    
Collect basin X X X X
Fan motor exterior X X    
Collection water basin level X X    
Blowdown-adjust as required X X    
Check belt drive system for:        
Belt tension and condition   X   X
Sheave bushing fastener torque   X   X
Fan shaft bearing lubrication (every 3 months)   X   X
Check and tighten as required:        
Mechanical equipment structural bolts   X X X
Motor anchor bolts   X X X
Cooling tower framework structural bolts   X X X
Fan assembly bolts     X  
Inspect metal surfaces and touchup     X  
Motor operation required (minimum)     3hrs/mth