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State requirements vary throughout Australia with regards to Occupational Health and Safety and the requirements for Cooling Tower Maintenace and Auditing.

The points that remain common are;

  • Cooling towers are specified high risk plant
  • Cooling Towers must be registered
  • Owners of cooling towers have an obligation to ensure
    • Equipment correctly maintained
    • Equipment correctly controlled for bacteria and Legionella growth
    • Access for maintenance
    • Elimination of water leaks
    • Energy consumption is maximized.
    • Prepare Risk Management Plans (RMPs);
    • Review the RMPs annually
    • Audit the RMPs annually.
    • Risk Management Plans must address the following:
      • Stagnant water;
      • Nutrient growth;
      • Poor water quality;
      • System deficiencies
      • Location and access issues.

It is essential to minimize the risks to public health.

Cooling Tower Mechanical Services have the most experienced engineers and technicians in the Pacific region to undertake certified Audits and inspections.