Mica Creek Power Station, Mt Isa Refurbished 4 cells 1994
Farleigh Sugar Mill, Mackay New fan stacks 1995
Sarina Sugar Mill New fill media 1996
Western Mining Structural Strengthening 2 cell timber tower 2001
WMC Acid Plant Mt Isa Replace fan timber fan stacks with Fiberglass 2002
Orica Gladestone Refurbish two cell BAC and rebuild 2003
Orica Gladestone Replace timber structure and fill pack in two cell Marley 2005
CS Energy Mica Creek Mt Isa Refurbish 3 4 cell timber tower 2007
Incitec Pivot Refurbish Pultruded tower 2008
Xstrata Refurbish Large fibreglass tower 2009
National Foods Large steel tower rebuild 2010
Comm Bank Burwood Replace timber Cooling Towers 2012
Diamantina Power Station Construction of new 6 cell fiberglass pultruded field erected towers 2013
Momentive Chemicals Cooling Tower Replacement 2015


Above is a small sample of over 500 successful Industrial refurbishments carried out throughout Australia. Call CTMS in for a comprehensive inspection and report on your existing Cooling Tower. CTMS will evaluate the timber quality through extensive timber testing in association with the Department of Primary Industries and industry leaders. Trust in the best, CTMS.

1. New velocity pressure recovery fan stacks save energy

Velocity recovery fan stacks reduce the velocity pressure of the discharge air. By reducing velocity pressure and re-pitching the fans to deliver design air flow, fan horsepower can be reduced up to 25%. Conversely, more capacity can be obtained from an existing cooling tower with no increase in power consumption.

2. New high efficiency fans conserve energy

Fans with wide chord blades are the most efficient axial flow fans available specifically designed for cooling tower use. Higher efficiency yields more air pressure and flow capability while using less horsepower.

3. PVC film fill provides same capacity with reduced horsepower

Because of the high heat transfer efficiency of waveformed PVC film fill versus wood splash bar fill, horsepower reductions of 20 to 40% often can be realized. Conversely, capacity increases in the range of 20% can be achieved with no increase in power consumption.

4. New PVC drift eliminators reduce fan horsepower

Rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC) drift eliminators reduce drift losses and pressure drop. Low air pressure drop allows maximum air flow at minimum fan horsepower.

5. New fibreglass casing reduces maintenance

Fire retardant corrugated FRP provides the flexibility, strength and environmental acceptability to renew appearance. This material is impervious to biological or chemical attach, reducing maintenance costs.

Wide vertical spacing reduces the air pressure drop and fan horsepower requirements. Extra wide fibreglass louvers minimize water leakage and splashout.

6. Variable Speed Drives

Variable speed drives have the ability to reduce energy consumption by 50%, thus reducing the carbon footprint of your cooling tower. Slow start up speeds also reduce wear and tear on motors, coupling, gearboxes and fans.