Cooling Tower Mechanical Services, one of the leading Cooling Tower and Process Cooling services companies in Australia. CTMS was established in Queensland during 1985 and has led the way, not only in improving the quality of refurbishments, replacements and new construction, though also setting the standard for others to follow with innovation and technology.

The services that are provided extend from small process and air-conditioning applications, to large scale Petrochemical and Power generation facilities. CTMS also leads the way in providing safe access platform designs for all Cooling Tower installations. Every consideration is given to the service technician and chemical technician, thus ensuring full compliance to AS3666. All persons involved with maintenance, installation or refurbishment of Cooling Towers and associated equipment should contact Cooling Tower Mechanical Services to ensure a quality run project.

CTMS has carried out hundreds of mechanical services for the HVAC industry and prides itself in the safety and technical assistance given to the HVAC industry including

  • New cooling towers
  • Replacement cooling towers turn key project
  • Maintenance programmes
  • Cleaning
  • Fill replacements and efficiency improvements
  • Inspections and audits
  • Bearing changes
  • Air handling unit maintenance
  • Heavy motor change over
  • Car park exhaust replacement
  • Welding
  • Pipe installation