Cooling Towers

Cooling and Aeration Towers

When the source water is from an aquifer, the water may need to be cooled and/or treated to remove minerals such as iron. Cooling towers allow heat to be transferred from the hot bore water to the air. Fans draw in fresh air to allow heat exchange to be maintained by avoiding an equilibrium being established, whilst a honeycomb structure is used to increase the contact between the air and water. Iron removal is achieved when aeration causes soluble iron to oxidise and precipitate out. The particulate iron is then removed by either settling or filtration.


Water is passed through a filter consisting of several types of graded filter media to remove remaining particles. Filtration is also effective in removing harmful pathogens such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium. At regular intervals each filter is backwashed to remove trapped particles from the filter media and to maintain filter integrity and water quality.